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Perceived Organizational Support (POS) refers to employees' perception concerning the extent to which the organization values their contribution and cares about their well being. POS has been found to have important consequences employee performance and well-being.

Research on POS began in 1986 with the observation that managers were interested in promoting employees' commitment to the organization, but employees were interested in the organization's commitment to them. Thus, commitment is a two-way street. Research on POS began to accelerate in the mid 1990's and is now proceeding at a rapid pace, with over 325 scholarly studies on the topic.

This website presents information concerning the theory explaining POS, the scale generally used to measure POS (available for downloading), a listing of researchers who have major research interests related to POS, and information on relevant presentations at upcoming conferences. Especially useful is the Publications Search tool which provides listings of publications by author and topic.





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