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About the lab

The research focus of J. Leigh Leasure's laboratory is neuroplasticity, that is, the capacity of the adult brain to change its structure in order to adapt to shifting behavioral and environmental demands. In particular, we are interested in the aged brain, which, while less capable of change than the young brain, nonetheless retains a remarkable capacity for neuroplasticity. We seek ways in which to enhance this neuroplastic capacity, especially in the damaged, aged brain. With funding from the American Heart Association, and the National Institutes of Health, we have been examining how post-stroke exercise changes the way the brain responds to the stroke injury, on both the behavioral and cellular levels.


  • J. Leigh Leasure, PI
  • Michael Grider, Post-doctoral fellow
  • Feng Gu, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Darby Hawley, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Jennifer Parra, Graduate Research Assistant
  • Ahbilasha Khattri, Research Technician
  • Nikki Arrington, Undergraduate Research Assistant
  • Cody Durden, Undergraduate Research Assistant